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A new era for dogs

“To the Moon Dog’s Club” project is an urban canine ecosystem that provides innovative services not only for pet dogs but also for detection dogs.


Our canine ecosystem is designed by International Search Canine Academy’s instructors to provide solutions and includes all elements which satisfy every physical and mental need of each pet or detection dog.   

  • Consultancy to select suitable breeds that fit in the way of your living,
  • Assessment before the purchase of dogs through recognized mentality tests,
  • Theoretical training of dog parents,
  • Practical training in a controlled environment to set the right foundation in training,
  • Advanced training to evolve your dog’s mental state and keep wellness to high standards,
  • Dog’s gym

Applying advanced training approaches, detection dogs are trained in KONG scent so that this training is accessible to anyone who wants to indulge in this specialty or to collaborate with the International Search Canine Academy.


  • Mentality tests to select suitable working dogs for detection training,
  • Narcotics* detection,
  • Explosives* detection,
  • Search and rescue,
  • Arson detection,
  • Tobacco detection,
  • Leak detection (gas, fuel, etc.),
  • Biological* detection,
  • Electronic devices (USB sticks, GPS trackers, etc.),
  • Any other target scents you would like to imprint (medical, etc.)

* For the scent imprinting are implemented verified laboratory scents, used by International Organizations

In our store, you will find selected products that will cover all your dog’s needs through the consultancy of specialized staff.

We select and provide training to specific dog hotel owners that set high standards not only for safety but also for a pleasant stay of your dog.

In our canine ecosystem, we provide grooming services to give your dog maximum care.

We provide transportation around the clock to cover every possible need.

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