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A partnership for canine teams

Zagreb, 06.05.2021 The president of the Croatian Security Association-Professional Security Chamber (HZC) Mrs. Stolica Lidija and the president of the International Search Canine Academy Ltd (I.S.C.A.) Mr. Damir Car, have signed an exclusive cooperation agreement. Specifically, I.S.C.A. will provide to The HCZ exclusive consulting and technical advising, related to the canine team’s training activities and …

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What if?

The selection of suitable working dogs, the criteria to find competent instructors, and the standards of training approach are quite important elements in dog training but are not the only ones that affect the performance of the detection dogs. What if a breeder knew what an instructor is looking for?   Some breeders invest almost …

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Passive indication or tolerance before becoming active?

Indication behavior is one of the three main parts of dog’s detection training. The other two parts are search patterns training and scent conditioning procedures. All these parts are links in the same chain in dog’s detection training. A Chain is As Strong As The Weakest Link There are many training approaches in detection dog training regarding which part should …

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